Frequently Asked Questions

What is a member sexual assault crisis program?

Each member sexual assault crisis program is an individual community-based organization funded through Connecticut Alliance to End Sexual Violence. All member programs are staffed by certified sexual assault crisis counselors and are held to The Alliance’s Member Agency Criteria and Standards of Operation.

What services are provided?

24-hour hotline with immediate access to trained, certified counselors

Crisis intervention and counseling

Accompaniment and advocacy through the medical and police systems

Preparation, accompaniment, and advocacy throughout the court system

Information and referrals for other needs

Professional training, community education, and prevention programs

Support groups

Text Telephone (TTY) access during normal office hours

Relay Connecticut TTY services available after hours at 7-1-1 or (800) 842-9710

Sign language interpreters

Bilingual staff members

Male counselors

Emergency transportation by arrangement

How much do these services cost?

All direct services are free of charge.

There is a statewide toll-free hotline. By dialing (888) 999-5545 from anywhere in Connecticut, the call will be automatically routed to the nearest sexual assault crisis service.  En espanol, llame (888) 568-8332.

There may be a fee for some trainings and educational programs.

Who can use these services?

Victims of any type of sexual violence, including sexual assault, child sexual abuse, incest, sexual harassment, stalking and so on can use these services. Even if the assault happened a long time ago, they can use these services.

Female, male, and gender non-conforming victims can use these services. Family, friends, partners, and parents of victims of any type of sexual violence can also access these services.

Services are provided statewide, regardless of town or city of residence.

Is what I say confidential?

All sexual assault crisis counselors adhere to the Connecticut law which ensures confidentiality for any communication between a sexual assault counselor and a sexual assault victim (CGS Sec. 52-146k).

All centers have a written confidentiality policy.

We do not subscribe to Caller ID. We have “line blocking” on all phone lines. Our phone number will not appear on Caller ID boxes.

Who are certified sexual assault counselors?

Certified sexual assault counselors include any person who works for a sexual assault crisis center who has successfully completed a minimum of 30 hours of training, and receives at least 4 hours of advanced training annually, and is certified by the center which has provided the training; and is under the direct supervision of staff at the sexual assault crisis center; and their primary purpose is to provide advocacy, support, information, referrals, crisis counseling and other types of assistance to victims of sexual assault.