Victim Survivor Advisory Council

This all-volunteer group has been in existence since 1995. Victim Survivor Advocacy Council (VSAC) is made up of women and men who identify themselves as a victim/survivor of sexual abuse or as the parent or partner of a victim/survivor of sexual abuse. However, not everyone identifies publicly as a victim. Everyone is able to contribute to the committee in his or her own way. Though we are not a support group, we are considered to be agents of change.

The Alliance represents victims/survivors on key policy and community issues. VSAC was created in order to provide an ongoing dialogue between victim/survivors and The Alliance on a multitude of topics. VSAC members work to end sexual violence by: reviewing literature produced by The Alliance to make sure it is victim/survivor sensitive, giving feedback to The Alliance about its proposed plans for services, reviewing public service announcements for television, giving television and newspaper interviews, speaking to community groups including schools and prisons, testifying at public hearings at the legislature, and writing letters to the editor for newspapers and magazines.

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Legacy of Survival

A Guide for Survivors, Made by Survivors

From a group of survivors comes a letter of support, of help, of how to take your next steps. The Alliance and VSAC wants you to know that you are not alone. Together we can make a difference.

  • Survivor Stories

    My experience with VSAC started on my 35th birthday. That day I found out that I missed the deadline for a civil suit against my perpetrator by a matter of hours, literally. I was blind with rage…

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  • Working on VSAC has been a powerful, inspiring experience. I am proud to be with these courageous people. Where others try to shut me up, here my opinion is respected and valued…

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  • When my daughter was sexually assaulted in 1994, we both began going to the Women’s Center for help. I went for two reasons: first, to find out how I could help my daughter and secondly, her assault had brought forth long-buried anxiety about my own sexual assault that I had kept hidden for seven years…

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Sexual Assault Is...

A Look at What Sexual Assault Is and Is Not

Members of VSAC have created a collection of thoughts, feelings and experiences about what sexual assault is and what it is not. Understanding sexual assault aids our collective efforts to ending sexual violence.