Committees & Caucuses

Sharing and learning with each other is key. The Alliance has a number of committees and caucuses for people to discuss and learn from their unique perspectives all with a common goal of addressing and preventing sexual violence.

Victim Survivor Advisory Council

Volunteers are able to contribute their personal experiences to the committee in an effort to connect with others and represent victims and survivors in policy and community issues.

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Women of Color Caucus Against Sexual Assault

WOCCASA is committed to the empowerment of all women and the eradication of oppression. Approximiately 40% of black women and 7.9% of Latinas will report coercive sexual contact or rape in their lifetimes.

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Queer Caucus Against Sexual Assault

QCASA is comprised of self-identified lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer advocates. It is dedicated to providing culturally relevant services for LGBTQ survivors.

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Men's Advisory Council

This newly forming group is comprised of self-identified men who discuss techniques in preventing sexual violence in their communities and getting others engaged in making Connecticut safer.


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