Our Teams

East Hartford Office

General questions and comments can be emailed here. Please note that The Alliance office does not provide crisis support. If you need to speak with an advocate, please call our hotline. You will be connected to the nearest member center.

Media inquiries should be sent to our Director of Policy and Public Relations.

For more information about training and workshops, visit our Training & Advocacy Center page.

If you are interested in getting involved with us and our member centers, please review our Internships and Careers pages before contacting us. No phone calls, please. Thank you!

Jeanette DeJesus, Interim Executive Director


Beth Hamilton, Associate Director

Tracy Miller, Post-Conviction Victim Services Director

Lucy Nolan, Director of Policy and Public Relations

Laura Varelas, Sexual Assault Kit Initiative Coordinator

Elise Delacruz, Training & Technical Assistance Coordinator

Wendy Lavoie, Human Resource & Administrative Manager

Melissa Nosal, Resource & Communications Coordinator

Stephanie Harris, LCSW, Clinical Services & Standards Coordinator

Sheryan Cancel, Latinx Services Coordinator


Ashley Rogers, Grant Reporting and Data Coordinator


Post-Conviction Victim Services Advocates

Victim Rights Center of CT Attorneys

Board of Directors

2017-2018 Officers

Mary Farrell, President

Lisa P. Sementilli, Vice President

Joe Barber, Treasurer

Ivonne Zucco, Secretary

2017-2018 Directors

Jerry Stowell, Alyssa Benedict, Bryte Johnson, Robin Sharp, Carmen Arroyo, Toni Dickey, Alysha Warren, Melissa Scully, Jill Fletcher