Alliance Services and Support During Covid-19

Dear Alliance Allies, Friends and Community,

To protect the health and safety of our staff and those we serve, The Alliance has closed our offices and moved our staff to working remotely. We will continue to be available during regular business hours and all our staff can connect with you via phone or email during this time.

Crisis Hotlines are Ready to Support Survivors
Advocates are still available to answer your call 24/7 through our statewide hotline. Our hotlines are free, confidential and able to support survivors during this difficult time. Our English hotline can be reached at (888) 999-5545 and our Spanish hotline can be reached at (888) 568-8332.

Member Centers are able to Provide Crisis Counseling
To protect the health and safety of their staff and the survivors they serve, many of our member centers have also made the decision to move many staff to working from home during this time; however, crisis counseling and other services for survivors continue to be available. Please check with your local program to find out more about their current service delivery options.

Certified Sexual Assault Crisis Advocates Will Continue to Provide Accompaniments
While hospitals have largely changed their policies to restrict non-essential personnel and visitors from entering, many hospitals are currently still allowing certified sexual assault crisis advocates to provide accompaniments during the forensic medical exam process where safe. Our centers are also proactively working with local emergency departments to be able to provide accompaniments by phone should it not be possible to provide an in-person accompaniment. Please reach out through our sexual assault crisis hotlines to request an accompaniment.

The State Capital and Legislative Office Building is Closed
The State Capitol and Legislative Office Building are closed until March 30th; however, you can still reach out to your legislators during this time, and we will continue our legislative advocacy in preparation for future policy efforts.

We wish you health, safety, and hope.

The Alliance Team

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