Coming Up at The Alliance

The Trauma Connection:

Wednesday, January 19

12  – 1pm

Speakers: Steven Marans, Yale University School of Medicine, and Marci Hamilton, CHILD USA

Learn from two of the foremost experts about the effects of childhood sexual trauma and statute of limitations reform across the United States to inform the next steps for Connecticut.

Steven Marans, MSW Ph.D:, a child and adult psychoanalyst, is the Harris Professor of Child Psychoanalysis and Professor of Psychiatry at the Child Study Center and Department of Psychiatry, Yale University School of Medicine. He is the co-director of the Yale Center for Traumatic Stress and Recovery, co-founder of the Child Development-Community Policing Program, a pioneering model for mental health and law enforcement collaborative responses to children and families exposed to violence and other traumatic events. He is also the co-developer of the Child and Family Traumatic Stress Intervention, the only evidence-based brief, early intervention for children impacted by abuse, violence exposure, physical injuries and other catastrophic events.

Professor Marci A. Hamilton, J.D. is a constitutional law scholar and the Fels Institute of Government Professor of Practice at the University of Pennsylvania. Marci is the Founder and CEO of CHILD USA,, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit think tank dedicated to interdisciplinary, evidence-based legal and social science research to prevent child abuse and neglect. Hamilton is the leading expert on child sex abuse statutes of limitation and has submitted testimony and advised legislators at the federal and state levels where significant reform has occurred.

Come and learn . . .
  • why children do not disclose abuse until many years later;
  • how trauma’s effects continue into adulthood;
  • what has been done to support victims successfully in other states across the country;
  • how inaction on civil statute of limitations reform allows hidden predators to continue to abuse children;
  • how Connecticut, formally a leader in statute of limitations reform, has fallen behind in this area relative to other states; and
  • the economic and social benefits of providing all victims of childhood sexual assault the opportunity to come forward, even when the existing statute of limitations has expired.
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