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ETO Tutorials

ETO: Data Entry and Definitions

Data entry can be a tedious and exhausting task after any long day. Join the Alliance’s Grant & Reporting Data Coordinator for an ETO refresher and learn about how to use ETO to track important client data and keep client data organized.

During this training, advocates review key terms and definitions within ETO, learn how to fill out touchpoints, and develop data entry work flows so that more time and energy can be spent supporting clients and connecting with community partners!

Data Driven Reporting: Using ETO to Paint the Picture and Writing Narratives to Tell the Story

Join The Alliance’s Grant Reporting & Data Coordinator to identify different strategies to use ETO results for reporting. During this training participants will learn how to integrate both quantitative and qualitative data together to construct stronger and more encompassing narratives for funders, community partners, and staff alike!

By the end of this training, participants will:
Understand ETO Results/Report functions
Learn how to extract data that does not exist in a current report
Use ETO results to answer narrative questions
Develop strategies to collect/organize and evaluate anecdotal information for narratives

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