Men’s Advisory Council

Looking for New Members

The Alliance continues to engage men as allies in our work to prevent sexual violence and to cultivate prevention leaders in our state. This council is facilitated by Andrew Stewart, Assistant Professor at the Hiatt School of Psychology at Clark University, and longtime partner of The Alliance. Andrew is a leader in the prevention of sexual violence and is committed to empowering men to be involved in prevention efforts.

Where Do You Stand?

This campaign focuses on engaging Connecticut men in being active in the prevention of sexual violence in their communities. The campaign was designed to utilize bystander intervention theory and techniques to equip men with the tools necessary to take a stand against all forms of sexual violence. The Men’s Advisory Council was crucial in providing The Alliance with feedback about this project.

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Public Service Announcements

The Alliance partnered with the Connecticut Department of Public Health to create public service announcements that encourage men to speak up and intervene when they witness sexual violence. The Men’s Advisory Council provided guidance about the tone, script and imagery used in this project.

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