Sexual Assault Awareness Month 2021

SAAM Events

We’ll be hosting events and trainings all month long to celebrate and commemorate Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Click the link below to join a training or event! Come ready to learn about ending sexual violence and what you can do to support survivors.


Celebrating our Allies

This month we’re taking time to celebrate our allies who have fought tirelessly side-by-side us, working to end sexual violence in their communities. Thank you to Marc Pelka, Melinda Johnson and Lindsey Jones for joining us, and for taking the time to speak on behalf of survivors and the great organizations they each represent. Thank you to Office of Governor Ned Lamont for recognizing the need to continue concentrated efforts in responding to sexual violence. We are eternally grateful for your dedication.

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Webinar: How to Support Survivors of Sexual Violence

Do you want to learn more about sexual violence and how to support survivors of sexual violence? In the webinar below, we will go over some necessary information about sexual violence and its impact on survivors. Participants will walk away with some concrete steps they can take to support survivors of sexual violence and end sexual violence.

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Poetry of Survivorship

What Is Sexual Violence?

This month, we’re calling out various forms of sexual violence and drawing attention to how it seeps into our everyday lives. Whether it’s sexual violence we see in media, in the workplace or at home, its pervasive nature builds an oppressive culture that damages and stigmatizes.

All survivors of sexual violence – of any and all forms – are valid. We see you and stand with you.

Use the guide below as an interactive educational tool. Click any image below to get started.