Summer Institute 2021 Recordings

The Summer Institute is a three-part series designed to equip advocates, educators, and people working with youth with the knowledge and skills they need to prevent and respond effectively to child sexual abuse in a variety of settings.

Part 1: Why is Child Sexual Abuse so Common? Dynamics and Tactics of Child Sexual Abuse

In part one of this series, we focus on understanding the tactics used to gain the trust and silence of children by those who sexually abuse them (including in remote and online environments), and how to promote healthy sexual development and boundaries in communities.

Part 2: When Should I Report, and What Happens Next? Understanding Disclosures, Reporting and Community Services

In part two of this series, we focus on how to respond to disclosures of abuse in a way that prioritizes the safety and well-being of the child, and what to expect when reporting suspected abuse to DCF.