Policy Successes

In The Alliance's legislative efforts to advocate for those who have been affected by sexual violence, every policy success is a victory.

Through legislative advocacy, The Alliance continuously aims to influence bills that will become state or federal law. These laws are imperative for our mission. Below are some of our policy successes.

Addressing & Preventing Campus Sexual Assault

Public and independent higher education institutions must adopt and disclose policies on sexual assault and intimate partner violence. Institutions must offer sexual assault and intimate partner violence primary prevention and awareness.

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Civil Protective Orders For Victims of Sexual Violence

This bill makes numerous changes to the various laws that govern family violence, domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence, and bullying, including those related to restraining, protective, and standing criminal protective orders.

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Statewide Child Sexual Abuse and Assault Awareness & Prevention Education

Requires the Department of Children and Families, in collaboration with the Department of Education and Connecticut Sexual Assault Crisis Services, Inc. to identify or develop a state-wide sexual abuse and assault awareness and prevention program for use by local and regional boards of education.

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Sexual Assault of a Person Who is Physically Helpless

Covers sexual assault and sexual acts that engage someone who is physically helpless or whose ability to consent is otherwise impaired. Includes mental disability, age, custody issues, etc.

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Mandated Reporting of Child Abuse & Neglect

Dictates the responsibilities of mandated reporters of child abuse and neglect. Concerning the treatment of those who report it in good faith, and those who make a false report.

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This bill expands the conduct covered by and increases the penalty for each of the three degrees of stalking crimes. Covers the guilt of a person concerning the intention and lack-of-purpose in stalking conduct.

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Plan B for Rape Victims

To require all licensed health care facilities to provide emergency contraception to victims of sexual assault upon the request of such victims.

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The majority of The Alliance’s public policy efforts are through legislative advocacy. Providing support by attempting to change sexual violence laws is one of the most important steps.

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Support, education, and information that is unbiased and non-judgmental is one of our primary goals. Advocating for victims, survivors, and their loved ones is one of the most important aspects in our mission to end sexual violence.

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A key aspect of ending sexual violence is promoting healthy environments and behaviors. The journey of ending sexual violence places an emphasis on taking action before that violence occurs.

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