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Advocate Trainings

What Do Sex Workers Really Need?

In this session, SWAN staff share about the challenges that sex workers face and how service providers can support sex workers without perpetuating stigma and shame. Viewers will learn about sex work directly from current and former sex workers.

Askable Adult

This training gives participants the information and skills needed to answer sexuality-based questions. Participants will learn more about holistic sexuality, the different models for answering questions, as well as how to adapt your answers for learners of different ages. After attending this training, participants will be prepared to answer questions about sexuality in an inclusive, age-appropriate, medically accurate manner.

Gender, Sexuality, and STI Prevention

This training gives participants the information and skills needed to have conversations with clients about the components of sexuality, learn about inclusive language, as well as ways to prevent sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Participants will learn about the different parts of sexual identity, how to use language that is inclusive of LGBTQ+ people, as well as an overview of what STIs are and ways that people can reduce their risk of transmission. Attendees will also have the opportunity to practice their skills during break-out group activities.

Referring For Therapy: Unpacking Acronyms and Finding the Limits

For many survivors of sexual violence, finding a therapist can be an important step in the healing journey. As advocates, assisting clients in researching options for therapy is not always easy. In some cases, the level of care that would be appropriate for a client is higher than what our agencies can provide. This training discusses such situations and explores how to determine when to keep a case and when to escalate to a licensed clinician.

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