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Queer Caucus Against Sexual Assault (QCASA)

The Queer Caucus Against Sexual Assault (QCASA) was created in 2015 and is comprised of self-identified lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer advocates at The Alliance and member centers. This caucus supports and sustains LGBTQ sexual assault advocates through professional development and community building. Members of this caucus will gain skills they can bring back to their respective organizations to bolster our collective response to LGBTQ survivors of sexual violence.

Language Matters

We recognize that language is ever-evolving and changing. While queer has historically been used as a pejorative term for those whose gender and sexuality did not align themselves with societal norms, many people choose to reclaim the use of the word queer as a positive term to indicate their rejection of traditional hetero-normative language and identities, as well as a rejection of the gender binary. We adopt queer in our name to honor this reclamation and those who choose to identify as queer.

Get Involved

The Queer Caucus Against Sexual Assault (QCASA) is a monthly meeting for self-identifying LGBTQIA staff, advocates, and volunteers of the Alliance and its member centers. QCASA is committed to anti-oppression, open communication, and active learning. New members are always welcome!

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LGBTQ Resources

The Alliance is dedicated to providing culturally relevant and accessible services for survivors who self-identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer. We also collaborate with LGBTQ groups, organizations, and community leaders throughout the state in an effort to highlight and combat sexual violence in historically marginalized communities.

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