All Survivors Day

“I’ve been suffering for a long time. My abuse was at home, but also when I went to report it to a priest, he took advantage of the situation. I had totally forgotten parts of my childhood – I didn’t know what had happened to me. I had years of hopelessness, depression – no one was able to diagnose me. No one within my own church cared about me. It didn’t matter then; it didn’t seem to matter now. I needed to be believed, so I reached out to SNAP.” ~ Catherine, of Enfield

Being a survivor myself, I hear from lots of survivors and there are a lot of survivors out there that need a tremendous amount of support. This is for survivors to understand that you are not alone. Until I dealt with my own abuse it was hard to move my life forward. That’s why we’re here.” ~ Beth McCabe, who joined SNAP in 2002 and now serves as the organization’s co-leader

“I’m here today to support survivors.” ~ an ally