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Prevention and Awareness in Schools

A Statewide Plan

Acknowledging that sexual assault and abuse is a preventable problem in our state, the Connecticut State Legislature passed and the Governor signed into law PA 14-196 An Act Concerning a Statewide Sexual Abuse and Assault Awareness Program for Connecticut school districts. Department of Children and Families (DCF), State Department of Education (SDE) and Connecticut Alliance to End Sexual Violence (The Alliance – formerly CONNSACS) worked together to develop a comprehensive statewide sexual assault and abuse prevention and awareness plan to be implemented in all local and regional school districts in Connecticut.

The program guidelines are available here.

Administrators and educators can contact one of The Alliance community based sexual assault crisis service member programs to inquire about their availability to deliver in service presentation for teachers and/or K-12 programs for students in the classroom. All presentations are designed to meet the performance indicators in the new guidelines.

Fees for presentations are negotiable and on a sliding scale. For a list of community based programs, visit our webpage here. You can also view our map that shows each member program’s service area to identify which program serves your town.

Click here to read The Alliance’s November 16, 2016 press release about the new guidelines.

Need Support?

Contact the Statewide 24-Hour Toll-Free Hotline

English: 1-888-999-5545

Español: 1-888-568-8332