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Campus Chats and Coffee

Title IX cases and other campus processes are ever-changing and can be complex. Furthermore, survivors at colleges and universities face significant challenges and barriers to recourse and support. These 20-minute episodes serve as a guide to navigating these processes and provide support to campus community members seeking justice. For immediate support, please contact your nearest member center.

Episode 1: Campus Sexual Violence 101

Let’s get back to basics! Learn about what makes campus cases unique, the barriers student survivors face, and why sexual violence is such a pervasive issue at colleges and universities. We’ll also outline what’s to come in the next few weeks!

Episode 2: Title IX in 2022

Title IX can be a daunting topic, given all of the changes in the last few years. Join us as we break it down and discuss what protections and rights students currently have, supportive measures, hearings, and how institutions can still help if a case doesn’t fall under Title IX.

Episode 3: Protecting Student Rights

It’s great to know all about Title IX rights, but what can we do if we think those rights need enforcement? Join us for a chat about appeals, grievance procedures, the Office for Civil Rights, and advocacy options.

Episode 4: Connecticut Campus Legislation

Thankfully, in addition to federal protections, Connecticut has legislation to help prevent sexual violence on campus and support survivors. In this episode, join us to learn about topics like the role of campus advocates, affirmative consent, campus climate surveys, and amnesty.

Episode 5: Understanding Public Records

Colleges and universities have a responsibility to post multiple public reports about violence on campus, but what do they all mean? Find out how to locate these reports and what each of them can tell us.

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