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Fighting Anti-LGBTQ+ Grooming Rhetoric

A current tactic in public discourse is weaponizing language from the anti-sexual violence field, including terms like “grooming” and “pedophile,” to paint LGBTQ+ and trans people, and education about gender, sexuality, and the existence of the LGBTQ+ community, as inherently dangerous to children. It’s a discriminatory strategy to motivate anti- LGBTQ+ misinformation, policies, and violence in the United States, and we resolutely reject it in all its forms.

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Grooming: How to Spot It and How to Stop It

Grooming is a tactic in which someone methodically builds a trusting relationship with a child, young adult, or someone in a vulnerable position to manipulate, coerce, or force them to engage in sexual activities. It can take place in any type of relationship, but it occurs most often in cases where there is a power imbalance. It is important to remember that those who cause harm often start with grooming family and community members which can increase the likelihood of disbelief when a child discloses.

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Statewide K-12 Guidelines

The Connecticut State Legislature passed and the Governor signed into law PA 14-196 An Act Concerning a Statewide Sexual Abuse and Assault Awareness Program for Connecticut school districts. Department of Children and Families, State Department of Education and Connecticut Alliance to End Sexual Violence worked together to develop a comprehensive statewide sexual assault and abuse prevention and awareness plan to be implemented in all local and regional school districts in Connecticut.

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Sexual Assault and STDs

Information on HIV/AIDS and Other Sexually Transmitted Diseases

To place a bulk order of this brochure, please visit the Community Distribution Center website or call 860-247-2437 or send an email to cdc@aids-ct.org. If you would like to download a PDF of this brochure, please use the link below.

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