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Working In Tandem with Law Enforcement: What to Know

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Facilitated by Master Investigator (ret.) Rachael Frost

Working with law enforcement as an advocate can be a tough road to navigate sometimes. Just as with any other profession, there are a wide variety of personalities and ways for the job to get done. Working with law enforcement can sometimes feel intimidating and difficult to navigate, when it may not seem obvious why certain procedures are – or are not – taken. Both advocates and law enforcement can benefit greatly from strong working relationships. How can we make that a reality when our roles seem so different at times? How can advocates engage law enforcement and achieve their goals effectively? This presentation will discuss law enforcement challenges, concerns, and considerations with regard to sexual violence, and how advocates can understand those challenges, communicate them to victims when needed, and work closely with law enforcement to ensure a victim’s emotional and physical safety.

By the end of this training, participants will:

  • Have greater understanding of law enforcement members, personalities, and actions
  • Define and discuss challenges advocates face with law enforcement
  • Identify ways to address challenges effectively and increase connection
  • Discuss how to develop teams when the advocate is the driving force
  • Explore the difference between “authority” and “influence”
  • Increase successful multidisciplinary responses to survivors

About Master Investigator (ret.) Rachael Frost

Master Inv. (ret.) Frost is a 20-year law enforcement veteran specializing in threat assessment and intimate partner violence-related cases, specifically, physical and emotional abuse, stalking, strangulation, restraining orders, sexual abuse, child abuse. An internationally recognized trainer, she is a member of the Cadre of Sexual Assault Experts for End Violence Against Women International, on staff at the Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention training strangulation and staged suicide investigation, owns Frost ICED for high-end investigations into violence and abuse and agency/corporate program development for effective violence prevention and response programs, operates the ACTION Academy for exemplary multi-disciplinary team training courses, and works as an expert witness in violence, abuse, and police policies and procedures. She is currently the Vice President of the Pacific Southwest Chapter of the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals, owns and operates the wellness program Survivor of the Fittest for survivors of abuse and those who serve them, and the Chief Financial Officer of the nonprofit Kids Court and Counseling Center.

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