Human Trafficking


Human sex trafficking is the sexual exploitation of one person in exchange of goods or money to benefit the exploiter. Human sex trafficking affects all communities around the world and does not discriminate based on culture, race, or socioeconomic level. Many mistakenly make the assumption that human trafficking doesn’t happen in their own backyards; it does.

In Connecticut alone, more than 400 victims of  human trafficking have been identified by the National Human Trafficking Hotline. The Berlin Turnpike – a 12-mile stretch of roadway between Hartford and New Haven counties has been identified as a particular hotspot of sexual human trafficking and is the subject of a 2011 non-fiction documentation by Raymond Bechard. 

Sex trafficking can be combated through education – about respect, healthy relationships, consent, and bodily autonomy- economic growth, and positive legislation. The Alliance and member centers’ certified advocates are available to help any who have been affected by sex trafficking through counseling, advocacy, and education. Let’s combat this together.

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