New Laws Going into Effect on Oct 1

The 2012 legislative session ended in May, but many of the laws passed during the session are just beginning to go into effect. On October 1st, two of CONNSACS’ legislative priorities – a new stalking law and a law expanding eligibility for victim compensation – will take effect in Connecticut.

Connecticut’s new stalking law will update and revise old statutes that did not cover many of the technologies and methods that stalkers use to frighten their victims. Learn more about this new law here.

Another law will make it easier for victims of sexual violence to become eligible for victim compensation. Previously, sexual assault victims either had to report their assault to law enforcement or have an evidence kit collected in order to be eligible for compensation. Under the new law, survivors will be eligible for compensation if they disclose their victimization to any of several professionals, including sexual assault crisis counselors.

CONNSACS has a created a new fact sheet with more details about these two laws. If you have any questions, please contact Anna: or 860-282-9881.

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