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Privacy Policy


The Connecticut Alliance to End Sexual Violence is committed to protecting the privacy and accuracy of confidential information. Personally-identifiable information is not actively shared. The Alliance does not re-distribute or sell personal information collected on our web servers.

Information Collected

The Alliance’s web servers collect the following information: Internet Protocol (IP) address of the computer being used; web pages viewed; referring web page; browser used; date and time; and statistics identifying particular IP addresses from which our websites are accessed. The Alliance does not associate this data with individual user identities, and it is solely used for the analysis of use.

The Alliance’s website is not intended to handle confidential information. If you need to discuss a confidential matter, refer to the Contact Our Teams page to email our staff directly or call our 24/7 confidential hotline.

Use of Cookies for Analytics

Our website uses a third-party analytics provider (Google Analytics) to help us understand how visitors use our site. We use this aggregated information to improve our content and your experience visiting our site. Google Analytics does not receive personally identifiable information through these cookies and is prohibited from combining, matching, or cross-referencing information from our site with any other information. Please review Google Analytics’ privacy policy for additional information. It is also possible to opt-out of Google Analytics  for those who wish to do so.

Use of Collected Information

The Alliance will use personal information collected from this site and associated forms – typically Google Forms – for the purpose of communication back to individuals who contact us via the site.  If any information is intended for other use (such as petitions to elected officials), The Alliance will ask for your permission to share or use the information provided on the form.  

The Alliance uses browser-IP-address information and anonymous browser history to report information about site access and to determine the popularity and effectiveness of content campaigns and placement. This information is used to improve Web presentation and utilization. 

Distribution of Collected Information

We will not disclose, without your explicit consent, personal information collected about you. 

We will not distribute or sell personal information to third-party organizations.

Donations and Other Payments

When you donate on The Alliance’s website by clicking the Donate link in the menu, we must share some of your personally identifiable information with third parties in order to process the transaction. For example, we must share your credit card number with our credit card processor Paypal. These third parties are not allowed to use personally identifiable information except for the purpose of providing their services. We do not share any of your personally identifiable information with unrelated third parties for their own marketing purposes without your consent. Please review Paypal’s privacy policy for further information. 

The Alliance regularly hosts fundraising campaigns through the third-party site Bonfire. When you contribute to a Bonfire campaign through merchandise, the Alliance is notified of your purchase and first name. The Alliance does not receive your full name, payment information, address, or other personal information. Please review Bonfire’s privacy policy for further information.


During legislative sessions, the Alliance regularly collects signatures to petition for policy changes that support survivors. All petition forms will explicitly state who the information will be shared with and will ask for your permission to share or use the information you provide.

Social Media

The Alliance’s social media pages are not intended for confidential communication. To receive support and services, please reach out to our 24/7 confidential hotline. While we cannot guarantee confidentiality on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter platforms, the Alliance strives to keep all communication on these sites as secure as possible and will remove any comments that may identify another survivor or reveal sensitive information about another individual. 

Your Safety

Victims and survivors of sexual violence are often concerned about maintaining their privacy concerning the assault or abuse. It’s important to realize that there are hundreds of ways that computers, smartphones, and other devices can undermine your privacy. Everything you do on the internet can be tracked and recorded.

For every page you visit on the web, your browser stores a variety of information that anyone with access to your computer may view. If someone knows how to access these saved history files, called cache, they may be able to see the information you have viewed recently on the internet. While it is not possible to delete or remove all computer “footprints,” you can erase many of these files if you are concerned that someone else using your computer may learn what sites you have visited on the internet. 

Learn more about digital security and remember to clear your browser history after visiting this website.

Need Support?

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