Rowan Talks: Keeping the Conversation Current During Lockdown

As educators and students have had to adjust to distance learning, The Rowan Center has pivoted to do the same, making sure that education about sexual violence is still reaching the community. 

Their series, ‘Rowan Talks,’ delivers bite-sized video snippets every Tuesday, providing information about consent, supporting friends and loved ones who disclose trauma, self-care tips, and even advice on maintaining relationships during a quarantine. 

The key was to keep it simple.

“It was a way to provide and reach audiences and do some education because we weren’t in schools. We were thinking ‘How can we still educate people and use social media as a platform to do that?’” said Marie Corriveau, Marketing & Communications Coordinator at the Rowan Center. 

“We had to think of an innovative way to still get education out there but in a way that’s easy to digest,” said Marie, who decided to have each advocate talk about their own interests and expertise. 

As quarantine drags on, the Rowan Center has continued educating and put out their 40th consecutive  weekly episode last Tuesday. 

“I always say if we’ve changed one person’s life or perspective by the work that we’ve done, then we’ve done our job.” said ” said Jessica Feighan, the Rowan Center’s Director of Education, Outreach, and Operations who often makes appearances on the center’s episodes. 

 Watch Rowan Talks on Instagram by visiting @therowancenter

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