Successful Legislative Session Ends with the Passage of Bills to Benefit Survivors of Sexual Violence

The 2012 Connecticut legislative session ended on May 9, and CONNSACS is pleased to announce the passage of several pieces of legislation that will benefit survivors of sexual violence.

Bills that passed include HB 5031 (An Act Concerning Sexual Violence on College Campuses), HB 5548 (An Act Concerning Domestic Violence, which improves Connecticut’s stalking statutes), and HB 5365 (An Act Concerning Court Operations and Victim Services, which will make it easier for sexual assault survivors to be eligible for victim compensation).

We are also celebrating funding for the SAFE Program and a 0.5% cost of living adjustment for all of Connecticut’s nonprofits organizations, including the rape crisis line item in the state budget.

Click here for a full legislative wrap-up.

If you are interested in learning more about our public policy initiatives or becoming involved in our legislative advocacy, please contact Anna Doroghazi, Director of Public Policy and Communication: or (860) 282-9881.

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