Unwanted Sexual Touching


Any sexual touching that occurs without the explicit consent of the recipient is sexual violence. No one has the right to touch you in any way without your consent.

Touching without consent can happen anywhere. It can happen in the subway on your way to work. It can can happen in the workplace, from co-worker to co-worker to from a supervisor to an employee. It can happen in clubs or bars, whether it be a person groping or brushing up against someone else in a sexual manner, or deliberate touching or kissing. Often the perpetrator will either act in a way that makes the abuse seem “accidental” or “imaginary” and victims can be accused of “making a big deal out of nothing.” This is victim blaming. If a touch is unwanted and repeatedly committed without consent – it is abuse, regardless of what the perpetrator or bystanders may say.

Want to know more about consent and sexual violence? The Alliance is here to talk with you about it. Contact any of our community or prevention educators or come to a workshop at our training and advocacy center to learn more.

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