VRCCT Attorneys Join The Alliance

The Victim Rights Center of Connecticut (VRCCT), a no-fee legal services organization providing trauma-informed, holistic services to survivors of sexual assault and other violent crime in criminal, civil and family courts will join Connecticut Alliance to End Sexual Violence (The Alliance) this month as part of an acquisition agreement.

It’s critical that survivors have support from professionals who understand the impact sexual violence can have on their daily lives, including their employment, education, and housing. Our new attorneys are unique in that they focus solely on the legal needs of survivors. They are also great advocates who work to protect and uphold victim’s rights, privacy and dignity while navigating complex systems including the courts.

In fact, our new and talented team of five attorneys led by Maura Crossin are the only attorneys in Connecticut who specialize in the representation of victims of sexual violence in criminal court at no cost. While over 80% of the victims they work with are survivors of sexual violence, they also represent victims of child abuse, elder abuse, survivors of homicide, as well as victims of crime who identify as LGBTQ — all of whom may need assistance with securing safety protections, education, housing, employment, immigration, compensation or benefits — again at no cost.

The Alliance  and sexual assault victim advocates from our member centers were quick to team up with the VRCCT attorneys when they launched in 2013. With partners throughout Connecticut’s legal aid community, we’ve been growing a strong referral network.

By working together we will be able to offer more direct and coordinated services to help ensure survivors get the help they need. Together as one organization, we can more easily share knowledge and experience with each other, which strengthens everything we do.

We’ll certainly achieve some efficiencies by joining forces and, given the economic climate in Connecticut, that’s important. But this move is about a shared mission. We are committed to building communities free of sexual violence and to providing trauma-informed and culturally-affirming advocacy, prevention, and intervention services centered on the voices of survivors.

We are proud to take this step forward and to offer confidential no-cost legal support to help more survivors secure the justice and healing they deserve. Thank you for your continued support and partnership.

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