We Stand With Survivors

Today and every day, the Connecticut Alliance to End Sexual Violence stands with survivors and against the culture of rape and sexual violence.

We cannot overlook the impact that the multitude of sexist, racist and xenophobic messages that surfaced in the recent election have had on sexual assault victims and survivors, women and girls, people of color, immigrants and people who identify as LGBTQ.

Over the last week, calls from survivors and community members have raised concerns about the rollback of fundamental rights and access to protection and services. We take very seriously survivors’ need for safety, and acknowledge the fears of those who have been targets of bigotry and violence. We hear you. We believe you.

Historically and currently marginalized populations are more vulnerable to discrimination and violence, and we recognize that in order to end sexual violence we must work to end all forms of oppression. We pledge to deepen and build relationships within our state’s diverse communities, and to work to change the attitudes and behaviors that diminish the worth and value of any Connecticut resident. Those of us who hold positions of privilege commit to strengthen our work as allies to oppressed communities.

We call on our partners, allies, and elected officials to help us build communities where all survivors are believed and have access to compassionate support and justice, and to identify and embrace efforts to eliminate bias, discrimination and violence.

From the staff and board of The Alliance, thank you for standing with us to support survivors. Together we can build a world free of sexual violence.

To volunteer at an Alliance member program near you, make a donation, or schedule a prevention or awareness program for your community group or colleagues, please visit our website.


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