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A Big Picture Update on Sexual Assault Response and Recovery: Part 2

Webinar Published on January 28, 2021

The second session of this workshop presented by Jo Johnson will focus on two areas: new information on offenders and patterns of offending and data banks and data sources. Information in each of these areas is expanding like never before.

In her OVC fellowship, Johnson was able to sit in on the roll-out of national initiatives like the Sexual Assault Kit Initiative, the national update of the military response, the development of the Victim Service Provider Survey and many other federal-level projects. How might this improve local and state sexual assault response and how might it undermine our efforts to reduce sexual violence?

These videos and their content are the intellectual property of Jo Johnson. Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of these videos without permission is prohibited. You may reference content from these presentations in your own work using the below citation. If you have any questions or would like permission to use any content outside of this scope please contact Jo Johnson at jomoretobe@gmail.com.

Webinar Transcript

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