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Oak Hill’s Specialized Support During Forensic Interviews

Facilitator: Elena Fader Hurlburt, Director of Assistive Technology Services of Oak Hill

Forensic interviews are the part of the investigation process that involve meeting with an alleged victim to gather information about an alleged abuse case. The interview requires the interviewer to ask a series of structured questions to the alleged victim, who is expected to respond and describe their experiences. Yet how can this process occur successfully if the alleged victim is nonverbal or has other communication disabilities?

Thanks to generous sponsorship from the MENTOR Network Charitable Foundation, Oak Hill is offering consultative support during forensic interviews to address this challenge. Certified speech-language pathologists with expertise in augmentative and alternative communication can support multi-disciplinary teams and alleged abuse victims in using assistive technology to facilitate interactions. Join this informational session to learn more about ways you can connect with Oak Hill to collaboratively enhance meaningful outcomes of forensic interviews for this vulnerable population.